The species list includes all birds known to occur or have occurred in Andalucía in the natural state during historical times. There are notable exceptions, in particular some subspecies and exotica as explained later. 所有物种都被国家和区域名录认可和接受, also all rarities are included only if they have been accepted by the Association of European Records and Rarities Committee. 该名单仅涉及Andalucía自治区. 看看 检查表

Nomenclature and sequence are that favoured by Frank Gill’s IOC bird listing revised 07.2020. For continuity’s sake I have stuck with this order, but not without some misgivings. 例如, Gill’s list places some members of the family Sylviidae as being in the new genus ‘Curruca’ formally known as and replacing ‘Sylvia’, 而康奈尔大学的克莱门茨则保留了“西尔维亚”的称号。. 这两份最受欢迎的鸟类名单还有其他的区别, 所以最后我选择了连续性. 所有物种都有英文和学名, followed by Spanish names (these are those used by Gutiérrez et al in the Lista de aves de España 2012).

I have consulted various bird lists, local and national here in Spain, also world bird checklists. 这个数字是庞大的,毫无疑问在未来会变得更加庞大. 除了, 我也查阅了很多参考著作, 繁殖和越冬鸟类地图集, 部分专著及本地/地区鸟类报告等. 当然, I have also used the old 澳门赌场 检查表 as a source and take this opportunity to revise and completely update it.

在编制这张鸟表的时间里, 有时我可以行使我所谓的“作者的选择”. 这些选择无疑会引起一些关注. 例如,我排除了一些亚种, 最典型的例子是黄鹡鸰群和某些种类的海鸥. 然而,, 在看似矛盾的地方, I have included some others such as the two subspecies of White Wagtail occurring in our region. I include these in the hope of encouraging observers to pay particular attention to White Wagtails in winter and on passage so we may encourage more reports on these subspecies. 我已经排除了许多稀奇古怪的东西, especially where observations were few and obviously involved escaped individuals or small groups. In my opinion these have no worth in terms of increasing our knowledge of local avifauna. 然而, I have included those escaped/introduced species that now have sustainable breeding populations, 很明显, 它们现在是澳门赌场当地鸟类的一部分.

My thanks to the following for reviewing several drafts of the list and correcting errors.

曼努埃尔·莫拉莱斯, 杰维Elorriaga, Manuel Mojarro, 何塞·路易斯Sánchez巴尔塞拉, 安东尼奥Pestana, 胡安·马丁贝穆德斯, 米克·理查森, 韦森特Malagon, 弗兰克的头发, Luis Alberto罗德里格斯, Laury侬, 威廉·霍沃思, 西蒙东京, 妮基威廉姆森, 尼尔一座小山, Yeray Seminario.



I use the classification system used by different countries at European level, the AERRC. 其含义如下:

The categories that have been given to each species refer to their situation in Spain. 官方的鸟类名单只包括A、B、C、D和E1类.

A – Species that have been cited in an apparently natural state at least once since January 1, 1950.

B -已记录的物种, 至少一次在明显的自然状态下, 从1月1日, 1800年至12月31日, 1949, 但后一个日期就不行了.

C -外来物种, 被男人有意或无意地介绍的, have established regular reproductive populations that remain self-sufficient, 独立的和稳定的, 或者通过显示侵袭性特征来增加他们的人口统计. 还包括那些外来物种, 在澳门赌场国家没有定期繁殖, are established in neighbouring countries from where specimens arrive on a regular basis.

D – Species that cannot be safely assigned to categories A or B because there is a reasonable possibility that all their records come from birds of non-natural origin.

E ——外来物种, 由男人有意或无意地介绍的, 没有固定的种群. 本列表中只包括E1类物种.

E1 – with populations that reproduce regularly and are considered close to being established.

E2 -被发现偶尔或不定期繁殖的物种, 但没有迹象表明它们正在建立.

E3 – species observed only occasionally, without having verified their reproduction.


Here the keys used are with the necessary adaptations to the Andalusian territory shown in the above national criteria. 这里我建议如何解释所使用的键.

The categories used here are meant to act as a guide only and refer to the status of each species within the territory of Andalucía. 异常现象不可避免地会发生.e. 引导鹰, 小燕子和马丁家的钥匙是S,M代表夏季移民, 但在冬季,它们在该地区都有少量的种群.

澳门赌场也应该牢记这一点, many species resident here are joined by birds of the same species during winter, moreover many of these winter birds will continue their migration south as well as staying here for the winter months. So the terms used here R,W resident and also winter populations, could equally include M for migrant.


L – Meeting some of the national criteria but are localised in their distribution within the territory.

M -春秋两季迁徙. Birds that travels from one place to another at regular times often over long distances and are transitory in the region.

R ——居民我.e. 全年都有鸟类出没.

S -迁徙的鸟类,夏季在这里定居繁殖. Birds spending summer here, then they – and their new young – return south in autumn.

V ——的流浪汉. A bird that is considered vagrant if it strays far outside of its expected breeding, 越冬, 或迁移范围. It can be a bird seen only once, or on several occasions within our territory. 这个方法适用于那些在Andalucía中仍然很罕见的鸟类, 但这是一个需要不断回顾的类别.

W ——冬天. The most common types of migration are those carried out by birds in the spring and the autumn. 在秋天, they travel from breeding grounds in the north to 越冬 grounds in the south, 反之亦然. Here we have resident populations also joined by northern populations in winter i.e. 黑头莺类等.

? -两个物种, Slender-billed Curlew now thought to be extinct and Common Buttonquail for whom the status is unknown.


The idea behind this checklist is to give the latest information on the birds recorded in the region. 任何这种性质的清单肯定会招致一些批评, whether for those species and subspecies omitted or even for some of the species included. I have done my best to portray the status for each species as accurately as possible and after very extensive research. 它应该被记住, that both the species account and the status for species will change in the future. 希望这个列表的更新将会定期出现在澳门赌场网站上.

最后, the compilation and research done in producing this checklist is my own and any errors within this checklist is my responsibility and not that of the Society.


澳门赌场 检查表 2008, AERC TAC WP Bird List(2015年7月),Seo/Birdlife 2019
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